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History of Wrestling

The fight is one of the oldest forms of combat. Origins of struggle 15,000 years in rock art in France. Babylonian and Egyptian reliefs show fighters during most contemporary sports holds known. Literary references to him appear from the old Indian Vedas. Iliad provides links where Homer tells of the Trojan War in 13 or 12 BC. [2] Indian epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata are references to martial arts, including wrestling. In ancient Greece, wrestling occupies an important place in legend and literature; Fighting competitions, brutal in many respects, served the focal sport of the ancient Olympic Games. The ancient Romans have borrowed heavily from the Greek struggle, but eliminated much of its hardness.

In the Middle Ages (5th century to the 15th century) the struggle remained popular and enjoyed the patronage of many royal families, including France, Japan and England.

The first European settlers in America brought a tradition of strong struggle with them if they came from England. The settlers also found the struggle to be popular among the Indians. [3] Amateur wrestling flourished throughout the early colonies of North America and served as a popular activity in agricultural fairs, festivals, and military exercises. The first national organized wrestling tournament took place in New York in 1888, and the fight was nothing of the modern Olympics event since 1904 Games in St. Louis, Missouri (demonstration was carried out in the early modern Olympics) . The International Sports Organization, United World Wrestling (ERU), was founded in 1912 in Antwerp, Belgium, as the International Federation of Style Wrestling Associations (FILA). Fighting Championships 1st NCAA also took place in 1912, in Ames, Iowa. USA Wrestling, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, became the national governing body of amateur wrestling in 1983, performing competitions for all age levels.